Jan 20, 2017


written by Nives
in category Lifestyle, Travel

World happenings aside, and everything else I’ve complained about, 2016 for me personally was the best year so far.

Feels like I’ve finally moved on from this dead spot I’ve been trapped in for a while, and let me tell you –  it feels so good! I was also lucky enough to spend a big portion of it with the special someone, and I loved every second of it.

Blog wise, I didn’t do as much as I initially planned when I first started it at the beginning of 2016. My appetite was huge, but lack of personal space to create things was at times too intimidating, and I would give up before I’d even start. I wasn’t sure in which direction I wanted to go most of the time, thinking I need to only do one thing and nothing else.

Seems like we can all agree that 2016 really was ‘the year of realising stuff’. One of the main things I’ve realised about myself is that I’m truly afraid of happiness. I am constantly trying to find things to be sad/disappointed about, and occasionally dwell on mine and/or someone else’s past (pro tip – don’t do it. it’s not worth a second of your life and once you realise how dumb all of it was, chances are you will regret it). I was (and still am at times) so blind for all the good things I have going on for me in life, but I’m definitely getting better at it.

Anyway, I’m here today to share my favourite moments with you; leave 2016 behind, with all the good and bad things that have happened, and say hello to 2017 with arms open wide ready to give it a massive hug, and embrace everything that the next 12 months have in store for me : )



Coming soon – all things Australia! 😀